JNP Mission

Why We Are Here

Religion and politics.  We've heard people say "I don't talk about religion or politics".  Certainly there are few things that stir up more feeling and even animosity, these days.

But we must talk about them here.  Why? Because we believe an unholy confusion exists between the two, in the minds of many.  We believe it has led many Christians away from the truth about Jesus, and we also believe this confusion has turned away many non-believers who might otherwise come to the saving truth of Christ's work on their behalf.

We believe there is a strong scriptural basis for our concerns.  We wanted a place where these concerns can be expressed and discussed, and a place where others can communicate about them, whether they agree or disagree with us.

From our hearts, we hope to serve the interests of both populations: first, the unbeliever who has been repelled by the political exploitation of "religion" and the things done in the name of Jesus, and second, the sincere follower of Jesus who has perhaps been misled by our political culture, and in some cases, exploited by political movements eager to build a strong base.

We don't pretend to have all the answers.  But we think it's time that we question the things done in the name of Christ for the sake of politics.  Although our mission centers on American Christianity, the issues we care about have global value.  If you care too, then please join us.